Coffee Shop Occupation and Student Work

October 2017

Pinwheel Coffee is less than two weeks away from it’s Grand Opening, and in light of that, let’s look at all the work that has made this possible. Since the end of last year, the students at DMHS have participated in the “Microeconomy and Coffee Shop” Occupation. This class is designed to teach students about the economy and world of business, as well as have them actually make decisions concerning the coffee shop and it’s future. In this class they have divided into subcommittees and have worked on different aspects of the coffee shop in order to open it at the end of this month. The Interior Design group has focused on creating a look book for Pinwheel’s style, as well as ordering furniture and materials for the shop. The Social Media and Website group has written and edited the “About Us” page to further the understanding of student involvement in this project, as well as brainstormed other ways of community outreach. These ideas mostly include Pinwheel's social media accounts. Finally, the Grand-Opening committee has worked on the logistics of the opening event for Pinwheel Coffee, which will take place this Halloween. They have created the menu of food and specialty drinks to be served at the event, as well as started auditions for student performances. They have also begun to take art applications from  students, so local pieces can be displayed and sold at the coffee shop. Estrella Vigil has also been selected as the student Coffee Shop manager and works alongside the Culinary,  Coffee House (Talent Show), and Art Manager to help support these committees with their tasks.  The class, guides, and managers will continue to work together to open Pinwheel Coffee. Stay tuned for more Pinwheel Coffee news!


Important Dates for the Public:

  • Monday, October 23: Pinwheel Coffee Soft-Opening

  • Tuesday, October 31 (Halloween): Pinwheel Coffee Grand-Opening

Images chosen by DMHS students for the coffee shop's "Look Book"

Screen Shot 2017-10-17 at 7.49.37 PM.png

DMHS Students from the Coffee Shop Occupation visiting our location before opening

Brian Sense