Pinwheel Blog Introduction

Hey PinWheel Supporters!

My name is Emma Logan and I am a sophomore at Denver Montessori Junior/Senior High School. At the beginning of last year, my school started to partner with Great Work Inc. (a local nonprofit) to open a real life student planned and run coffee shop. From the very beginning I knew I wanted to be involved in this groundbreaking project, and participated in both the microeconomy elective class and coffee shop elective class at my school. I helped plan and design the early stages of this coffee shop through acting as a team member and Marketing Manager during this time. Now that the coffee shop is almost open, I wanted to continue my involvement with this amazing idea and have paired with Great Work Inc. once again to bring you this blog! Here you can hear about the major landmarks, updates, and details of PinWheel Coffee, as well as a deeper look into the student involvement of the business. Check in again for more exciting updates!

Emma Logan