Student-made pinwheels adorn the main wall of the coffeeshop.

Student-made pinwheels adorn the main wall of the coffeeshop. the students' words

Tell us about Pinwheel. While we may be students, our coffee shop is one of the best in town. We offer high quality craft coffee from Middle State roasters, state of the art equipment, and highly trained baristas to give you the best coffee in Denver. Our shop is also an ideal place to work, meet, or just hang out and get a good cup of coffee.

Why Pinwheel? We chose the name "Pinwheel" because we are all about progress, growth, and moving forward and the pinwheel represents that. Also, we are students and pinwheels are a staple of childhood and we wanted to encapsulate that in our coffee shop. 

How are the students involved in the shop? We use the coffee shop as an extension of our school. We are learning math by understanding the accounting. The marketing is an exercise for our English and creative writing, and of course, we are getting real world on-the-job training learning to pour a perfect shot.

What kind of school does this? As far as we know, this program is unique to Montessori schools. We attend Denver Montessori Jun/Sen High School and Compass Montessori in Golden. These schools are built around a more personalized and entrepreneurial learning system.  

How would you summarize Pinwheel? Pinwheel is a community that supports local businesses and provide high quality coffee to our community, while giving adolescents unique business experience and opportunities!