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The space looks great...Did students really design it all?

YES! Students from DMHS spent a year searching for the right location and once we found this space, worked with MOA architect firm to design and get the layout right.

Does any of the business proceeds benefit the schools?

[This response below is from Brian Sense, Executive Director of Great Work, Inc. and not a student response]

Great Question…the schools do receive benefits in a few ways. The first is the that the students involved in the Coffee Shop class source (and purchase) much of the food from students in “culinary” classes at their schools. It is an opportunity for both groups of students to learn about the wholesale/retail relationship and those proceeds stay in the school. The shop also displays products made by students that are available for purchase in a consignment relationship. Pinwheel takes well below the norm for consignment (15%) because we wanted that process to be authentic for students to experience as well.  Lastly, the experience itself, which is a unique insight into entrepreneurial and business is of a lot of value.


The shop itself is an LLC who is being supported and whose sole member is Great Work, Inc., a nonprofit organization committed to strengthening education experiences for youth. While the shop’s current business model projection doesn’t expect it to be cash flow positive for a bit over a year, once it does, those proceeds are designated to seed additional enterprises in partnerships with new schools.

Love the website! Really cool. Can't wait to come by for a cup !!


Thanks! We can't wait to serve you one!




How often will students be at the coffee shop?

A class from DMHS is going to be over most mornings and Compass in the afternoons

Will all the drinks be made by students?

no, at least not at first. Pinwheel has an awesome manager (Sarah) who hired baristas, but we'll get trained and work with them sometimes, and other times work on marketing, bookkeeping, and other parts of the business as a part of our school work. There will be older students hired to work as baristas after school is out and on weekends though!